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Rain? name of song on viagra commercial Internal 'micro-seizures'? cheap viagra I can't afford to lie in a continuously 'vibrating' bed fully awake for an hour or more 3+ nights a week. buy viagra online using paypal I need my sleep dammit. buy generic viagra Ideas? Thanks for your reply! 1 replies | watch this discussion | report this | share this:sleep disorders: vibrating bed? has less side effects viagra viagra Not sure if this is the correct community to be posting this question, but these experiences do certainly make me anxious... buy viagra

for the past 8 or so months, i awake to what i perceive to be my bed vibrating (at about 6hz, feels like someone has their foot on the edge of my bed and is 'bouncing' their leg) 3-4 times a week. Its often coupled with an overwhelming sense of near and immediate danger; like i need to run. buy viagra Now. buy viagra online

chalking the feeling up to fight-or-flight response from possible adrenaline release, i decided to start experimenting. cheap viagra online To rule out the possibility of earthquakes, trains, etc. is viagra over the counter drug , i left a half-full (i'm an optimist . ) glass of water on the nightstand next to my bed. Viagra canada yahoo com Whenever i awoke to these 'vibrations', i'd examine the glass of water. It was always still and undisturbed. buy viagra online using paypal

so then i started thinking that maybe it was something to do with the walls. how to use viagra for best results Since the nightstand was not touching the wall and my bed was touching 2 walls (it was in the corner), i moved the bed about 18in away from each wall. buy cheap viagra Still these 'vibrations' persisted. viagra without a doctor prescription

it occurred to me that perhaps my bed frame was acting like a tuning fork, amplifying some long-wave subsonic vibration and translating it to the bed. So i placed the mattress directly on the floor. cheap viagra online overnight shipping No dice. cheap viagra So then *i* moved to the floor. buy viagra for men Still these 'vibrations' persisted. That's when i realized definitively that it was me that was vibrating. buy viagra online using paypal

armed with this knowledge, and worried that it might be palpitations or something else physically wrong with my circulatory system, i started sleeping with a wrist-worn pulse/pressure monitor (which was surprisingly expensive). Viagra time delay Whenever i'd awake to 'vibrations', i'd immediately check my pulse and blood pressure, neither of which seemed abnormally low or high.

so then i thought that perhaps none of this was rea. Viagra side effects dosage






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